About Us
Bringing the Worlds LGBTQ+ Players Together.

It’s Not Just Basketball, its Community
The World Gay Basketball Championships (WGBC)  was created to bring the LGBTQ+ and Allies together to celebrate our community, our culture and our diversity. The WGBC will allow the world to see who we are as we play the game we love. The WGBC will create positive images of the LGBTQ+ basketball community and  role models to those not able to be who they are.  This International LGBTQ+  Basketball event will change the lives, and communities of many through the love of the game of basketball.

Mark Chambers

Founder and Director

Founder and President of the NGBA
Co-Founder of Los Angeles Gay Basketball
Mark has been a major contributor to the LGBTQ+ basketball community since 1990. He has competed in 7 Gay Games starting in 1990 to 2018. 
In 2002 he founded the NGBA and now tje WGBC. 
He has 30 years of volunteer service to the LGBTQ+ basketball community, and loves the game. 

Tal Moaz

Europe Director of Operations

Ever since Tal was young, he was very involved with the game of basketball, both as a player and a coach. His philosophy watching and playing sport are an integral part of healthy living, and a great platform to connect with others.

Jack Leitch

Robbie Baker

Darius Binion

Kim Roberts

Committee Members
Key Volunteers
John Torrence
Herald Kane